Our Story & Why We Are So Passionate

Here at VietNet Global, we have been serving the Vietnamese community in the U.K. since 1996. We fully understand your daily needs both in life and in business. We are here to connect you with companies and individuals worldwide who can share their experiences and offer expertise in all aspects of life in a foreign land, wherever that may be.
You will find assistance with culture, traditions, personal enhancement and in all kinds of businesses and service industries throughout the world. Moreover, you will be able to identify and analyse problems and solutions best suited to you in your current situation.
Should your VietNet Global connections be unable to help you directly with your problem, search or issue, they will have a connection that will help point you in the direction of one who can, either locally or internationally. This is where the inspiration came from for VietNet Global, to unite and serve our community.

Our VietNet Global Goals

Our ideology is more than just about business. We are part of the Vietnamese community and have built many fruitful and successful relationships within our community in the U.K. We consider our members to be friends and family as well as business associates. There is nobody that VietNet Global cannot help in some way.

By building VietNet Global we ultimately aim to:

  1. Make you feel less isolated living in your adopted country, by expanding your network in order to promote sociability, and by introducing you to others in the VietNet Global community.
  2. Help you to understand the language, the culture and the values held in high regard in that country.
  3. Help maintain all valued traditions and impart those traditions to the next generations.
  4. Increase your connections to others who have experience in all aspects of everyday life, whether at home in Vietnam or in your adopted country, and to those who can offer expertise and informed advice on how best to approach both your business and personal issues of the day.

What is VietNet Global, and How Can It Help Me Raise My profile?

VietNet Global is a networking website geared in the first instance to the Vietnamese community in the U.K., but with the ultimate goal of being an international marketing platform for all kinds of business from all walks of life. VietNet Global is built from  two aspects; The VietNet Global Directory and the  Global Community. The directory will enable you to list your business in front of thousands of service users. The VietNet community will allow you to build your personal and professional network. So if you’re looking for a new employee, have a personal or professional problem or would like to widen your circle of friends locally, the VietNet community can help you achieve all that too.

How Can VietNet Help My Business Grow and Improve My Personal Life?

We aim to build a friendly and beneficial Vietnamese business and personal online community in the U.K. with the intention of expanding VietNet Global on a worldwide scale, thereby bringing in businesses, advertisers and individuals from all over the world. This ultimate expansion should prove to be extremely valuable to all VietNet Global members.

We live in a digital world so it’s more important than ever to maintain a vivid online presence.

We can help you achieve that by registering with us today.

Whether your business is accounting, taxation, banking, or Visa & Immigration services, or maybe hairstyling and beauty, retail and hospitality services, or even entertainment, we will connect you with other relevant like-for-like companies. If you are looking to optimize your personal online presence and highlight your social awareness and availability then VietNet Global can do this for you too. No problem is too insignificant and no issues are too minor for the VietNet Global network to solve.

Should you wish to emphasize your listing with us, for a relatively small fee you will feature more frequently on our home page and our social media channels. We will also promote your company in our email newsletters widening your potential market even further.

Registering with us is easy and FREE! Once registered, you will be discoverable on our website in our listings pages, and you will also be featured in a welcome post on all of our social media accounts. Should you wish to emphasise your listing with us, for a small fee, you can choose to feature on our homepage making your business visible to every person who enters the website. You will always be discoverable on our listings page, and you will be frequently featured on our social media channels and promoted in our company newsletters, widening your potential market even further. If you have a particularly important community post that you would like to feature, for a small fee, we will present your post at the top of the community forum and share your issue with our social media audience giving your question a wider reach and an increased chance of a more rapid response.

How VietNet Global Works for Networking

At its most basic level, VietNet Global is a marketing platform for all kinds of businesses and services. You can connect not only with people and companies you know, but also with the people your VietNet Global connections know. If you are personally looking for a particular product or service, VietNet Global will help you in your search. It serves as a virtual connectivity chart in which you have the opportunity to connect with the best in the business and in life.

To achieve the optimum results from VietNet Global it is important to start with an informative and well constructed portfolio. You should write an appropriate title and summary, and include highlights of your work and life experiences, as well as adding your education and skills if you wish.

Be sure to pay regular attention to the people in your industry who matter, and to those with whom you share common interests. Connect with them, and with groups that you find interesting and relevant. As you increasingly connect with others, so others will increasingly connect with you.

How To Use The VietNet Global Directory

Exploring the VietNet Global website is easy; using the search facility, you’ll be able to instantly search through multiple companies, services and products that suit your needs, making it easy for you to connect and compare numerous businesses. If it’s relevant to you or your company, you’ll find it on VietNet Global.

Once you’ve built your VietNet Global profile (we recommend you take your time to create a detailed profile highlighting who you are and precisely what is your business), you’ll have full access to the directory and the community so you can begin using the site. We recommend you start by posting in our “community chat” forum to introduce yourself and start making conversations with the Vietnamese community locally.